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Sport and Night Guards

Preventing oral and facial athletic injuries plays a big role in sports dentistry. In any athletic discipline, sports guards are one of the key elements in minimizing injuries and preventing facial trauma. Also known as mouth guards, these properly fitted pieces are essential in hockey, boxing, football, basketball and martial arts.

Keep in mind that dental injuries are not only the most common type of oral and facial injuries in sports, but also one of the most expensive. That’s why the design and fabrication of custom sports guards is extremely important. And even if these can be bought at sporting goods stores your best option is to get them from a qualified dental professional. Only mouthguards specifically designed for your bite and teeth shape will properly protect you.

Additionally, many people who are afflicted with bruxism or teeth grinding also need a mouth guard while they are asleep. If you are one of them, you need to consider that grinding your teeth every night can severely damage them, irritate your gums and even cause jaw pain.

Similar to the mouth guard worn by athletes, night guards protect your teeth as grinding can wear them down and lead to other dental problems. At John Ickowicz D.D.S. we provide custom designed sports and night guards for patients who are athletes or grind their teeth while sleeping.

If you think you might be grinding your teeth at night you need to treat this as soon as possible. Getting the right mouth guard can only be achieved through a consultation. Contact us now and schedule your appointment.