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It is a routine procedure that can be painless when done by an experienced hand. Often lasting only a few minutes, this procedure carries a very low risk and its recovery process is generally simple. Keep in mind that, sometimes, patients with extracted teeth need to use antibiotics.

While there are several reasons to recommend extracting one or more teeth, this procedure is suggested on most cases when there’s severe tooth decay. Depending on where the tooth that needs to be extracted is located and what its roots are like, patients should feel only pressure when the tooth is removed (not pain), and experience only minor bleeding.

In some cases, we also recommend extracting wisdom teeth if they don’t emerge all the way or if they can also irritate your gums, causing painful swelling. Tooth extraction is nothing to be feared. Before a tooth is extracted, the area surrounding it is numbed with an anesthetic.

We strive to achieve natural-looking results with all of our dental procedures. If you are feeling discomfort or pain, call us and we’ll assess your situation.