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The first time I went to see Dr. Ickowicz I was positively surprised. I have noticed that Dr. Ickowicz and Dr. Jelley have vast knowledge and experience in all dental treatments. I needed dental cleaning and the whole procedure was great. No discomfort whatsoever. I will definitely be returning and recommend this dentist to anyone.

By David

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ickowicz to ask him about teeth whitening. He kindly explained me the pros and the cons of this procedure. So, next time I visited him I decided to whiten my teeth. The procedure went smoothly and was faster than expected. I could not be happier with the results. It’s a whole new smile.

By Henry

I needed a root canal treatment and I was so nervous. Thankfully, Doctor Ickowicz explained everything to me. He tried to make the procedure as painless as possible. My appointment went better than I planned. It was such a pleasant and painless experience. Since then, my family and I continue visiting Dr. Ickowicz. I have received outstanding care from both Dr. Ickowicz and Dr. Jelley.

By Leah